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I sit here in my desk staring at another unfinished paper that’s due tomorrow. It’s one of the last papers I have to do as a student at San Jose State. So nostalgia has become my muse to procrastination. As I continue to sift through what I should write about I can’t help but think of how Killer…

I don’t even use Tumblr anymore, but I will reblog good blogs.  Like this one.

Akbayan Pilipino-American Organization of San Jose State University Presents Its 25th Annual Pilipino Cultural Night, “KILLER QUEEN”


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San Jose, CA, April 4, 2013 – The Akbayan Pilipino-American Organization of San Jose State University has unveiled information on its much anticipated Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN).

PCN 2013 celebrates 25 years of Akbayan SJSU’s never-ending effort to enrich the campus and surrounding communities with the melting pot that is the Philippine culture.  The student-run production blends a theatrical play with Philippine folk arts and music, as well as other student performances.

“Pilipino Cultural Night is an opportunity for many Pilipino-American Organizations, like Akbayan, to pay homage to our culture’s history and those who came before us,” said Akbayan SJSU president Arlo Trinidad. “It is an avenue of keeping the culture alive by educating those who are hungry for knowledge about the Pilipino culture and history and to give nostalgia to our elders who may have performed these same dances in their younger years.”

This year’s story, entitled “Killer Queen,” puts a fairytale twist in arguably the Philippines’ most infamous couple.

A young, innocent girl named Gabriella is trapped by her older stepsister, Imelda, who uses Gabriella as a personal servant that does nothing but Imelda’s chores.  Like “Cinderella,” Gabriella dreams of living a life free of Imelda’s power.

Meanwhile, an exuberant Prince Ferdinand Marcos invites all the women in the province to a grand ball in an attempt to find his princess.  Both Imelda and Gabriella have hopes of winning the prince’s hand, but out of fear that the prince may court Gabriella, Imelda locks Gabriella in her room before the ball.

With the help of her fairy godfather, Jose Rizal, Gabriella turns into the Maria Clara she has always wanted to become.  However, like her real-life counterpart, Imelda has other plans…

To give further meaning to Killer Queen’s title, a majority of the music performed in PCN 2013 are actually covers of the hit rock and roll band, Queen.

“I chose Queen for a couple reasons,” said Jonathan Juntado, writer of Killer Queen and former PCN executive director. “First, Queen’s popularity seemed to coincide with the height of the Marcos regime.  Second, Freddy Mercury broke the mold as to what defined a rockstar.  He’s a major influence on the diversity of music today.  Much like how the main character in this story tries to redefine the Maria Clara-like image Imelda upholds.”

In addition to the theatrical presentation, “Killer Queen” will feature a wide variety of performing arts with emphasis on displaying the Philippine culture. There will be a choir singing songs in English and Tagalog, modern and hip hop dance pieces, and a live rondallaand student music ensemble to play the background music throughout the progress of the show.

“I’ve found it to be an experience like no other that combines the essentials of Pilipino culture with creative expression,” said Christian Borromeo, executive director of PCN 2013. “It’s been an enriching experience, and every year, I learn something new.”

Being tied in with these entirely student-run performance aspects are the dances of the Philippine islands taught by current and former Akbayan SJSU members that have more than 20 years of combined experience with other PCN productions and cultural dance groups.

“Through these Filipino folk dances that we’ve taught, we hope that people will walk away with inspiration to learn more about themselves,” said Jeffrey Monje, one of the cultural dance choreographers and former PCN executive director. “Filipino folk dance is important because it’s our history through art.”

Akbayan SJSU’s 25th Annual Pilipino Cultural Night will have its opening night on Friday, April 26 and will have its gala showing onSaturday, April 27.

Presale tickets are $16 for students with a valid school I.D., $20 general admission, and $25 for preferred seating will be available until April 4.  At the door, tickets are $18 for studentswith a valid school I.D. and $25 for general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the Akbayan recruitment table at San Jose State University, and can also be bought on their website at

For both nights, the doors open at 5:00 PM and the show will begin at 6:00 PM.

See attached flyer(s) for additional information.

About Pilipino Cultural Night
For 25 years, Pilipino Cultural Night, or PCN, has been Akbayan’s biggest event of the spring semester. The event is a student-run theatrical presentation that centralizes an important theme in Pilipino-American society. Tied together by a theatrical play, music, dance, and other folk arts, members participating in the production earn on-stage performing experience while also broadening their knowledge of the Pilipino culture.

About Akbayan Pilipino-American Organization
Akbayan, meaning “Embracing in Friendship,” is San Jose State’s premier Pilipino-American organization. Originally a social outlet founded in 1976, Akbayan has since adopted the aspects of cultural awareness and community activism to become one of the most active and respected organizations on the San Jose State campus with highly regarded events such as its annual Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN), Raising Awareness Amongst Pilipinos (RAAP) Conference, and its increasingly competitive social presence in Cal-State Fullerton’s Friendship Games. For more information on the Akbayan Pilipino American Organization of San Jose State University, visit the website at


Christian Borromeo
PCN Coordinator, Akbayan SJSU
(415) 948-4985

Arlo Trinidad
President, Akbayan SJSU
(408) 636-6693

Aaron Asilo / D.J. Ramirez

Public Relations Officers, Akbayan SJSU

Packers-49ers Playoffs Drinking Game

Drink when…

  • The score changes.
  • A turnover occurs.
  • A sack is made.
  • The Packers hand the ball off from the shotgun formation.
  • Jermichael Finley drops a pass. (Misfires don’t count.)
  • The ball is batted down at/near the line of scrimmage.
  • Any Packers or 49ers are featured in a commercial (aka State Farm).
  • "Steve Young", "Joe Montana", or "Jerry Rice" get mentioned.
  • The “Fail Mary” or “Inaccurate Reception” is mentioned.

Take two drinks when…

  • David Akers or Mason Crosby misses a field goal.
  • Either team scores off a “free play.”
  • A special teams TD is scored.
  • A “pick 6” is made.
  • Aaron Rodgers does the “Discount Double Check” (NOT IN THE COMMERCIAL)
  • Aldon Smith gets a sack.
  • Clay Matthews does the “Claymaker” pose. (NOT IN THE COMMERCIAL)
  • An “old-school rivalry” clip is shown.

Take three drinks when…

  • Brett Favre’s name is mentioned.
  • A picture of Aaron Rodgers wearing 49ers apparel is shown.
  • Colin Kaepernick’s “Letter to himself” is shown.
  • A clip of Randy Moss mooning the Packers as a Viking is shown, or it actually happens.
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My friend recently received this hateful letter in the mail. I’m not Filipino myself, but 95% of my friends are. This kind of thing makes me sick, I don’t care if it’s trolling or whatever the hell it is. Please reblog this and make it known that the Filipino people of the Bay Area won’t stand for this garbage.



My friend recently received this hateful letter in the mail. I’m not Filipino myself, but 95% of my friends are. This kind of thing makes me sick, I don’t care if it’s trolling or whatever the hell it is. Please reblog this and make it known that the Filipino people of the Bay Area won’t stand for this garbage.


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Skip Bayless: The Troll of Trolls

Okay, Skip.  That’s agreeable.

And then he says something stupid like this:

Are you serious?

Christian Ponder | 16/28, 234 yards, 3 TD
Aaron Rodgers | 28/40, 365 yards, 4 TD

Not to mention Ponder has the best running back in the NFL to hand the ball off to.

Bayless is the perfect example of a person who should think about what he’s saying before he says something.  

Then again, the only thing I agree with him about is Manny Pacquiao.

I’m fine with this loss.

Like any other loss, it sucks, but this was a special game.

Both teams needed the win in different ways.  For the Green Bay Packers, it was to maintain the #2 seed and get next week off—a well-needed week off to rest key players like WR Randall Cobb and CB Charles Woodson.

For the Minnesota Vikings, it was simply to punch their ticket into the playoffs.

While I didn’t get a chance to watch the game in full, I saw two players in their prime playing their best football and are probably the best to CURRENTLY play in their positions.

QB Aaron Rodgers and RB Adrian Peterson.

The MVP race might as well have been here.

Rodgers’ 4 TDs today allowed him to finish second in the league with 39 touchdown passes to only 8 interceptions, a year after his MVP campaign which saw him throw 45 touchdowns to only 6 interceptions.  And he was a fantasy disappointment?

Peterson, on the other hand, started the season coming off a torn ACL and MCL, and he just happened to have his best season, rushing for 2,097 yards—nine yards shy of the all-time record held by former Rams great Eric Dickerson.

Without a shadow of a doubt, if I had to pick an MVP, I’d pick these two.  Both.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have both had incredible seasons in their own right, but their paths were nowhere close to the journeys that Green Bay and Minnesota had to go through.

Green Bay came off a rough start that included losing their home opener, as well as a game that many believe to be what triggered the NFL to bring back the regular officials.  On top of that, they spent most of the season without Rodgers’ favorite target Greg Jennings and DB Charles Woodson, who’s just a few years removed from his Defensive Player of the Year campaign.  Along with an inconsistent running game, Rodgers has simply put the Packers on his back.

Minnesota also has had to deal with tough injuries, namely to WR Percy Harvin, who was simply lighting up opposing defenses whenever he took the field.  Inconsistent play on defense and the loss of CB Antoine Winfield didn’t leave the Vikings with much fortune at all.

These two teams will face each other for the third and final time this season at Lambeau Field, and this is the game that matters the most.  The victor continues their journey to the Lombardi Trophy, while the loser goes home.

Are you ready?

The Packers just lost to the Vikings, and all of a sudden they’re 8 point favorites against the Vikings next Saturday? What?